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The definition of a market is a useful tool for the marketing plan work.

To conduct market analysis, marketing manager second step should be to ascertain the scope of their marketing.
This requires companies to explore market demand. Market demand for the company’s share depends on the relationship of the company’s products, service, price, communication and so on with competitors. If other factors being equal, the company’s market share depends on its relationship with the market cost competitors in size and effectiveness.
Marketing manager estimated the company’s needs, the next goal is to select the marketing objectives, determine marketing objectives will produce a particular level of sales. This is the key to determine the scope of marketing.
Order relations firm forecast and the company marketing plan, people are often confused. Usually people say: The company should develop its marketing plans based on sales forecasts. Such prior forecast another planned order, only in the “prediction” refers to an estimated national economic activity or when the company’s needs can not be extended to the establishment. However, when the market demand can be expanded or forecast refers to the company’s sales estimate, this order will be reversed. The company forecast sales quantity and composition can not serve as the basis of decisions marketing objectives; as a result the contrary, it is just a hypothetical marketing plan.