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Relationship is a part of marketing ideas

The relationship between
Relationship is a part of marketing ideas. Marketing managers and marketing staff to establish long-term relationships with key members (customers, suppliers, distributors), the purpose is to maintain the long-term performance of the marketing and business contact. Marketers through continuous commitment and give each other high quality products, excellent service and fair prices to achieve marketing. The use of relationship marketing can make the parties to establish economic, technological and social ties. Relationship marketing can reduce the cost and time of the transaction; in the best condition, the transaction can be changed from time to time to practice.
The final result of the relationship marketing is to establish the company’s unique assets, that is, a marketing network. Marketing network by the company and all its stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, retailers, advertising agents, scientists and others) to establish mutually beneficial business relationship. In this way, the competition is not only in the company, but in the entire network of the same. A company to build a better relationship will win. With the key stakeholders to establish a good relationship network, profits will be rolling in.