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Marketing is demand management

   In this increasingly information and digital era, the world is constantly changing, in market segments, new products continue to emerge, new demand Chung a, at the same time continued economic prosperity and development, marketing increasingly bear the task of communication products and demand; this means marketing industry booming necessity. In the early 1960s, the US marketing and merchandising industry as more than 6800 people, marketing managers to reach 800 million. In the future needs of our marketing managers will be more and more, they create more and more jobs will play an important role in the national economy, marketing manager in the marketing sectors of the industry plays an important role, although this is any one marketing manager are proud of the things, but it also means that marketing managers from an outstanding salesman marketing and management talent to the role change.
In large department stores and small retail stores with effect of thousands of sales, which is the status of the marketing industry. Marketing can be said to permeate all walks of life, each corner of the market where people are active in the marketing of vigorous figure. Around the size of the grocery store sellers who, in the country’s life insurance and property insurance, insurance salesman, clerk publicity around the power of newspapers and advertising agencies, some, such as marketing, automotive, marketing all types of stock, hardware products, cosmetics, beverages, heavy machinery, tools, etc., and this is a huge marketing channels and will never end team. Now both are in where, when not perish is, marketing can be said to have penetrated into every aspect of our lives, spreading to every corner of the market segments. Marketing activities have been everywhere. The need and demand of the bridge set up, the production and consumption of communication up.