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Market concept and scope of marketing

To conduct the analysis, the first step is to figure out the marketing manager of the market range of concepts and marketing. Philip Kotler in the past (Marketing Management) said: “The concept is closely related to the market and marketing, an excellent marketing and management personnel can not not know if this is a measure of the market and the needs of the prerequisites..” To this end, Here we quote Mr. Xie Degao ruler Kotler marketing strategy book on the market the concept and scope of marketing to make some explanation for the majority Marketing Manager Reference:
Marketers often talk about the potential market, efficient market, services market and penetrate the market. In order to understand these terms, let us start with the concept of the market to get started:
A market is a product of all the staff of the actual and potential buyers. Size of the market, with the number of buyers for a particular market supplies dependent.
Those that show potential market is a market for the sale of goods have some level of interest of customers.
Just not enough customer interest to identify a market. Potential customers must have sufficient income to afford the product, and they have certain passages of this product available, such as Gao, a product can not cut the throat of a distribution area. Potential customers in the region will not be able to get this product.
Efficient market is a group interested in a product, income and potential markets, customers can purchase the composition. The same pair of goods sold, company or government can limit its sales to certain customers. For example, the government may prohibit the sale of the 21 juveniles under the age of motorcycle sales. Thus, adults over the age of 21 on the formation of qualified and effective market – become sold on a market commodity interest, income and can get the goods qualified customer groups.
Once a company has determined the effective market, it can choose to pursue the entire active market or concentrate on certain market segments. Targeted market. Also known as the service market, the company decided that part of the market to be effective in the pursuit of a qualified person. For example, a company might decide to focus marketing and distribution forces to the south. As a result, the South has become its services market.
The company and competitors always sold a certain number of products in the target market, market penetration refers to those who buy the company’s products are customer groups.