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Demand and customer

Some marketing managers think that marketing management is to find enough buyers for the current products of the enterprise, this view is relatively narrow. Enterprises have a certain ideal demand for their products, but at any time there may be no demand, full demand, irregular demand or excess demand, so the marketing management department must find a solution to these different needs of the situation. Marketing management department is not only responsible for finding and increasing demand, but also responsible for change to reduce demand. Therefore, marketing managers must first grasp the facts. He should identify the real and potential needs of the market, so that we can avoid the surplus or the loss of opportunity.
For example, the Power Corporation sometimes difficult to meet the demand for electricity peak. ; in the case of such demand, marketing is to temporarily or permanently reduce demand, which is known as the slow adaptation marketing. The purpose is not to destroy the needs of the marketing, but only to reduce or transfer demand. The marketing manager should respond to the needs and circumstances of the customer.
So, marketing managers want to help companies achieve their goals in the way to find ways to affect the level of demand, demand and demand structure.
Management needs will be related to customer relationship. Business needs are from two groups of customers, new customers and repeat customers. The traditional marketing theory and practice emphasized to attract new customers and create sales performance. However, today the focus of marketing, but in the transfer. Except the design strategy to attract new customers and create and new customer transactions outside, the marketing manager will go all out to keep existing customers and build lasting customer relationships.
Why do we have to keep the existing customers? American marketing management guru Kotler Philip think:
In the past, in the face of the continuous expansion of the economy and the rapid growth of the market, enterprises can use the “funnel” method of marketing. The growth of the market means that a large number of new customers, the company can not stop to use new customers to fill the funnel, and do not have to worry about the end of the funnel from the bottom hole to get old customers. And now, enterprises are faced with some new marketing reality, such as changing demographics, nimble, and many of the industry, slow economic growth, competitive opponents more sophisticated production, all these factors are microphone with fewer and fewer new customers around the. Many
Enterprises in the flat or recession in the market to start a war. Therefore, the cost is rising to attract new customers. There is evidence that, to attract a new customer costs Qi is to make a view five times all satisfied the cost to customers. Therefore, keep an old customer is equivalent to five Qi attracted new customers, and business is the same for. Kotler this statement undoubtedly hold and deal with the customer management scissors shut Judy in fact, a customer to lose much more than losing a sale, because losing the second customer is equal to lost the customer in the shopping period may be some of the volume of shopping.
For example, Bell Co, taco customer shopping is worth more than $12000. General motors and Ford Motor Company’s customer shopping value will exceed $340000. Therefore, trying to keep customers, will produce good economic benefits. The enterprise may lose money on a certain transaction, but it will still get great benefits from the long-term customer relationship.
Therefore, in the process, marketing management to grasp the good demand and customer management, timely adjustment of supply and demand is the key to marketing management, lost the old customer is marketing manager in the management of the taboo.