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Value and satisfaction

If a marketing manager’s product or service can bring value to the buyers and satisfy them, the marketing manager’s products and services are successful.
Customers decide which model of the company’s products are based on whether they can give them the best value.
Customers decide whether to use a product or not, to weigh and compare the cost of the product and the other with the use of the money, energy and spirit that they have to use. Moreover, they will also compare the value of this product with other similar products, so as to choose to achieve the maximum value of the product.
Customers are not always accurate and objective to judge the value of the product. They acted according to their own understanding. For example, FedEx is really faster, more reliable if it is true, so whether it is a good service to pay a higher price? USA Postal Administration said its express service with FedEx courier service and the price also be roughly the same, much lower. However, according to market share to judge, the vast majority of consumers do not think so. FedEx Corp in the United States in the United States express delivery market to control more than 459 of the market share, while the United States postal service only 896. Therefore, the customer to a product’s value understanding and the degree of satisfaction decides their products to choose, the final decision of the marketing of a product.
Customer for a certain product value and satisfaction with the concept, is the marketing manager to know, to meet the needs of the customer’s value and achieve customer satisfaction is the goal of customer satisfaction in marketing management.