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Exchange and trading

Exchange, trading
When people decide to meet their needs and desires through the exchange, the market marketing.
Exchange is the act of obtaining a desired object from others by providing something in return. Exchange is one of the many ways in which people can get the required. For example, hungry people can find food by hunting, fishing or gathering fruit, or by using money, other things or services.
As a way to meet the needs, the exchange has its own advantages. There is no need for people to rob another person or depend on a donation, and it is not necessary to master the skills needed to produce each of the necessities. People can concentrate on the production of their good at production, and then use them to exchange the products they need.
Exchange is the core concept of marketing, and it is the measurement unit of marketing. The so-called trade is the exchange of value between buyers and sellers. A transaction can be described as: a party to the X to the other and received Y as a return.
For example, you pay $350 to Sears, get a TV set. This is a typical currency exchange.
But not all the deals involve money. In barter transactions, you can use your old fridge for second-hand TV neighbor.
In the broadest sense, the marketing staff should be in the form of a transaction, that is, the customer’s response to a particular product. This response aside from simple “buy” or “swap” goods and services, marketing managers should also encourage customers to product quality and service concept of reaction.