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Main factors in marketing management

Modern marketing is a kind of management marketing, so what is the management of the factors?
Philip, a professor of international marketing at Northwestern University, the father of modern marketing, the world recognized as the father of modern marketing, is divided into the following several aspects of modern marketing, Kotler Kellogg:
Needs, desires and needs
(1) required
The most basic factor that constitutes the foundation of marketing is the need, desire and need. Requires a lot of human survival and development, including material for food, clothing, housing and security needs, intimate and loyal and loving righteousness to social needs, and the knowledge and self expression of the individual need. These marketers need is not created, but a fundamental part of human instinct.
(2) desire
Desire is the form of the human need to be created by the culture and the personality. A hungry Americans desire may will be a hamburger, some French fries and a cup of Coca Cola and a Bali people want a gourmet meal may will want a mango, pigs and pods. The satisfaction of desire is the need to achieve in kind.
(3) demand
There is almost no end to the desire of people, but the real is limited. Therefore, people want to use the limited money to choose some value and satisfaction degree of the largest products. When buying backing, desire becomes a requirement.
Consumers will be a collection of various products, and they only choose the price of a certain but can provide the best interests of the collection of products. For example, Honda – siwik car means a car, low price and good economy. But Mercedes is a symbol of comfort, luxury and status. In the case of people’s desire and resources, they pursue the greatest degree to meet the interests of the product.
People rely on their products to meet their desires and needs. Marketing managers can provide a variety of products, including goods and services through marketing management. Consumers make choices based on their understanding of the value of a variety of products and services.
Outstanding marketing managers have to know well understand the spare no effort the customer needs, desires and needs. They carry out market research on consumer preferences, analysis on customer information, warranty and service data. They also observe the use of the enterprise products and competitors products customers, and train the sales staff to pay attention to the customer is not satisfied.