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Marketing management should be efficient, effective and social responsibility

Marketing activities should be efficient, effective and social responsibility, marketing management should be considered in the idea of a certain kind of ideological guidance. Harvard Business School Guidance MBA career development project experts, ward Lu Yu a butler Association members James Woderup professor that guide the enterprise’s marketing activities demand management should follow five concepts to cope with demand.
(1) production concept
Generally speaking, consumers tend to like the products that can be bought at low prices. Therefore, the management of production oriented organization should focus on improving the efficiency of production and sales.
This idea is one of the most ancient ideas to guide marketing managers. This concept of production in the two situations is an effective guiding ideology. The first case is that the demand exceeds supply. At this point, marketing managers should focus on increasing the yield. The second case is that the cost of the product is too high. At this time we must reduce costs by improving productivity.
(2) product concept
Consumers most like high quality, multi function and has some innovative features of the product.
Therefore, enterprises should be committed to the production of quality products, and continue to improve the product, make it more perfect.
This kind of product oriented concept, buyers admire well made products, to the quality and function of product authentication. As a result, producers have a deep fascination with their own products, so that they are not aware that they are not catering to the needs of the market. The marketing manager in “better mousetrap” wrong fantasy as long as the design of a better mousetrap, people will step you shop in front of the road.
James Woderup believes that this concept is one-sided, there are two major defects:
1) product concept often does not make or rarely let customers in the design of the product.
Business leaders believe that they know how to design and improve the product. They don’t even examine the competitor’s products.
For example, GM’s marketing manager had said that before we did not invent the car, the public would know what kind of car they needed ” GM’s approach is the company’s designers and engineers will create a style of the design and durable car, and then by the production department, the financial sector to develop the price. Finally, ask the marketing department to sell them. The result is the final result of the sale of General Motors is very difficult! – it’s worth it.
The value of a car company that is now in the study of customer needs, marketing personnel to intervene and participate in the design of the car before.
2) product concept “marketing myopia”,
For example, the railway management department used to think that the user needs to train and not transport, and thus to ignore the growing competition from aircraft, buses, trucks and cars. Many universities also think that high school graduates are in need of a liberal arts education, which has ignored the growing challenge from the vocational school.