Marketing managers can through three kinds of marketing channels

Marketing channel
Generally speaking, marketing managers can achieve marketing goals through three kinds of marketing channels.
One is through information dissemination channels. This channel can transmit information and obtain information from the buyer. The channels include: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, letters, telephone, tender, notices, leaflets, CDs, tapes and the internet. In addition, there are people who face the situation of Qin, clothing, retail stores, and many other media and other media also convey the exchange of information. In order to compensate for the lack of advertising and other one-way channels, marketing managers can also continue to increase the use of two-way communication channels (e-mail, free phone).
Two is the distribution channel. Marketing manager through distribution channels to purchasers and users, electrical and physical delivery of products or services. Specific distribution channels for the distribution channels and services of physical commodities. Such as warehouses, transportation tools, all kinds of trade channels (distributors, wholesalers and retailers).
Three is direct sales channels. Marketing managers can be through direct sales channels and potential users to deal with. Direct sales channels not only include distributors and retailers, but also facilitate the transaction of banks and insurance companies.
The best combination of three channels of information dissemination, distribution, direct selling, is faced with a design question. This design includes many factors such as need, desire, demand, value, satisfaction, exchange, transaction, relationship and so on. This consideration and application is the management of marketing.