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Top Marketing Manager Primary distribution is a win-win cooperation


With the advent of mass production, production is increasingly concentrated in a few factories, few factories produce large quantities of standardized products and achieve greater economies of scale. However, when the scale of production trends continue, a factory or a company’s product sales capability must be difficult to meet the huge expansion of production capacity, distribution problems will inevitably arise.
In modern markets, compared with the production of products, purchases of most products is relatively much less. Industrial products or household goods are manufactured by different vendors numerous product composition. Deliver products to the final consumer is the distribution task. Distribution method chosen by the company must be able to reflect the image and the nature of the product itself. A jam manufacturer intends to expand the market will not be able to sell only through Ford Hotspur and Meissen operated stores, expensive and because the unique fragrance can not be sold in the energy market, and should be sold in stores.
Production requirements of large-scale, mass, and marketability over a wide geographical area is small quantities purchased. Diverse and not fixed. The increase in distribution costs can not be greater than the cost advantage of mass production, economies of scale can not because the distribution network is not suitable for a product and a market loss. Min depends on product supply and sales, the manufacturer through the distribution made him the products to capture the market.
In order to achieve volume sales, Microsoft has adopted the most effective but also the most controversial innovative promotions, namely the manner processor transfer permission for distribution, to repel the opponent’s goal. In 1988, Microsoft began to particularly low royalties to hardware company MSDOS, on condition that the requirements of hardware companies according to sales charge, regardless of whether the MSDOS and each computer with the sale. Such contract terms to simplify the calculation method, and reduces the difficulty of forecasting. Microsoft provides only one piece of software to hardware companies master disc, which can be easily copied. Without having to save the record, and without paying royalties, but Microsoft can keep abreast of the company’s computer hardware (processor) sales. This approach allows Microsoft products sell up immediately, plus hardware companies hope to get sales discounts rather than integration with other software, to further ensure Microsoft’s market dominance.
Traditional distribution goal is simply to sell out as much as possible through intermediaries or direct marketing of their products. Since this goal is generally only consider the company’s own profits, while ignoring or harm the interests of distributors, will eventually harm the interests of the company.
Distribution theory of modern thinking win-win cooperation for guidance. Therefore, the company is no longer just a modern economy, but also a social entity, the nature of marketing has changed fundamentally; it is not only for the company’s goals, but also for the distributors service.
The company and distributor relationships based on interest on. For both the true distribution of mutual benefit. Therefore, the top marketing manager In developing the distribution targets. We should first understand where the interests of both sides to seek a community of interests of both sides. And efforts to make the common interests of both sides can be maximized or satisfaction of.

Top Marketing Manager To grasp the marketing opportunities

Understanding of the current marketing opportunities, must go to grasp.
top marketing manager Marketing guru Philip – Kotler the marketing opportunities is defined as:. “The company has to have a big opportunity to profit in the premise, to meet customer needs and areas of interest,” he believes that attractive market opportunities, as the following several factors availability: the amount of potential customers, purchasing power of potential customers, potential customers eager to buy, and so the degree. Marketing opportunities exist in the marketing staff to find out when a group of a large number of people, and of their needs can not be met. For example, Ray Kroc While noting that there are many people eager to get a fast food service, inexpensive, delicious, and BU after induced sexual tastes, he had an idea to the creation of McDonald’s. Before the advent of McDonald’s, the market has no one to provide these unique services. Because of his grasp market opportunities, and thus succeeded in one fell swoop.
Opportunities everywhere, but only a marketing mind, a keen sense of smell to find people and seize this opportunity to dominate the market. Concerning the opening of IKEA furniture store, it is to grasp the opportunity marketers another example.
After the Second World War as a young Swedish born Kamprad observed that many families can not afford due to the high price and the Swedish-made furniture, and the reasons for high prices, partly because the furniture itself high quality, partly because of the lack of positive competition among furniture retailers earn very high profits. Therefore, many families had to bear high interest loans, or buy poor quality imported furniture. This family needs is an excellent marketing opportunity.
To capture this Houkanpula can immediately identify a substantially lower cost method to provide high-quality furniture.
He took cost reduction strategies to achieve their marketing objectives. His low-cost strategy is:
(1) Company with retail as the main approach, and to a large number of large orders to buy or way to get lower prices.
(2) Furniture design must be modular and must be delivered to his business base directly from the manufacturer, Ethernet amplitude save on shipping costs.
(3) Customers can browse the display between shows modular furniture, choose their favorite combination, identify a specific combination fitting in self-service warehouse, and drove home on their own, save the cost of delivery.
(4) a combination of furniture by the customer themselves, saving manufacturers and furniture line combination further costs.
Huge profits (5) with respect to the traditional Swedish furniture line less marketing strategies, IKEA (Kamprad) dealership adopted a puerile way.
More of these practices make IKEA (Kamprad) price 20% cheaper than competitors, but still substantial profit.
Through this opportunity, the young Kamprad founded IKEA furniture brand famous play, play to win the majority of the furniture marketing.

Top Marketing Manager Grasp the opportunity to enter the market

Top Marketing Manager (Harvard Business School MBA latest Core Curriculum – Marketing Manager), a book had this to say: Strategy “early occupation of the market” is based on the belief: from a larger market share and excellent distribution channels, product range and product quality point of view, the Blazers continued possession advantage. For many new products, customers began to take an uncertain role in product performance and characteristics of the product value. Blazers were able to follow their own taste to cultivate customer preferences, for customers to assess their products latecomers determine the reference standard, pioneering products are often similar products in the whole prototype or “original” products.
Is a relatively novel when pioneering products in the market, and thus attract more newcomers than customers and dealers attention. Moreover, its pioneering products will not be disturbed competitors. Even in the long run, newcomers must continuously spend more in advertising, in order to achieve the same effect with the Blazers.
Blazers able to distribute development of standards, occupy the best location or selection of the best dealers, so you can more easily close to the customer. The first pioneering product has become a trusted brand opportunities. Later would have to convince consumers to bear never tried to convert to a quality brand is still unknown costs and risks.
In the many industrial markets, particularly in the product technology is relatively complex and requires a vast inventory of products and accessories, the dealers do not want to undertake the second or third phase of goods arise.
The value of many high-tech products to customers depends not only on the performance of the product, but also on the total number of users. For example, the value of the videophone will depend on the number of users of the same or a compatible system. Blazers apparently have the opportunity before competitors enter. Lay a large installed base. This reduces the ability of newcomers to introduce different products.

Top Marketing Manager Understanding of customer goods and Usage

Within the region through understanding customer usage of goods, we will be able to know who the main contenders are, but also what is the reason for further research customers prefer to buy competitor products is also the company’s customers to understand their own situation, to do a good job Marketing services and do preparatory work again.
A good credit life insurance company salesman, when he carried out the insurance marketing work found that if the company has employees become his policyholders, marketing’s job would be easier; on the contrary, the marketing of life insurance is more difficult. It found that the law, he soon would have a lot of insured customers.
Therefore,top marketing manager the marketing manager only clear understanding of industry conditions in the region, but also a clear understanding of the situation in the region customers for the use of the product, in order to find the focus of marketing.
In the past, the carpet manufacturers think people have their own homes, especially those just purchase residential people, it is their customers. However, the young couple bought a house, but no spare cash to purchase luxury goods, so they will buy the carpet after the time to push, even if they never buy the carpet. Carpet industry reviewed the “Who are our customers, who should be our customers”, and found them to succeed, they should transfer target, find those batches residential builders. Batch residential builders should be their only customer. Because builders such as in the construction of residential, put carpet column in the house, it will be more profitable. Change this view also expressed carpet marketing, small piece carpet should transfer to the “wall to wall” big carpet up. Past building commercial rugs, laying floors shall lighting, and the use of “wall to wall” carpet laying and cost savings will be able to polish the floor – Anti relatively low cost results, but it seems it is more noble.
Carpet manufacturers also found that the average family purchase carpet, often all raise a large sum of money: why not replace them with a monthly payment solutions? Therefore, they began trying to contact the lending institutions, especially government agencies to undertake the loan business. Finally, they will also increase their product re-design, so builders can provide homeowners purchase.
This story speaks to solve the “Who are our customers,” the problem, usually marketing is always able to find a number of customers.
Most businesses, at least there are “two kinds of” customer. Customers such as carpet manufacturing is the “two kinds of” One is the builder, one is the owner. As long as they can buy the product, they will buy. Another example is the manufacturer of some consumer goods, but also at least two customers: a housewife; a grocery store. If you do not want to say there is a grocery store stock, it is in vain to buy a housewife, on the contrary, if the housewife does not buy, then the grocery store even less willing to high merchandise display rack, also useless.
Therefore, market analysis, marketing manager, after understanding the customer must be the best choice, the most favorable marketing focus jumped out marketing work.

The definition of a market is a useful tool for the marketing plan work.

To conduct market analysis, marketing manager second step should be to ascertain the scope of their marketing.
This requires companies to explore market demand. Market demand for the company’s share depends on the relationship of the company’s products, service, price, communication and so on with competitors. If other factors being equal, the company’s market share depends on its relationship with the market cost competitors in size and effectiveness.
Marketing manager estimated the company’s needs, the next goal is to select the marketing objectives, determine marketing objectives will produce a particular level of sales. This is the key to determine the scope of marketing.
Order relations firm forecast and the company marketing plan, people are often confused. Usually people say: The company should develop its marketing plans based on sales forecasts. Such prior forecast another planned order, only in the “prediction” refers to an estimated national economic activity or when the company’s needs can not be extended to the establishment. However, when the market demand can be expanded or forecast refers to the company’s sales estimate, this order will be reversed. The company forecast sales quantity and composition can not serve as the basis of decisions marketing objectives; as a result the contrary, it is just a hypothetical marketing plan.

Market concept and scope of marketing

To conduct the analysis, the first step is to figure out the marketing manager of the market range of concepts and marketing. Philip Kotler in the past (Marketing Management) said: “The concept is closely related to the market and marketing, an excellent marketing and management personnel can not not know if this is a measure of the market and the needs of the prerequisites..” To this end, Here we quote Mr. Xie Degao ruler Kotler marketing strategy book on the market the concept and scope of marketing to make some explanation for the majority Marketing Manager Reference:
Marketers often talk about the potential market, efficient market, services market and penetrate the market. In order to understand these terms, let us start with the concept of the market to get started:
A market is a product of all the staff of the actual and potential buyers. Size of the market, with the number of buyers for a particular market supplies dependent.
Those that show potential market is a market for the sale of goods have some level of interest of customers.
Just not enough customer interest to identify a market. Potential customers must have sufficient income to afford the product, and they have certain passages of this product available, such as Gao, a product can not cut the throat of a distribution area. Potential customers in the region will not be able to get this product.
Efficient market is a group interested in a product, income and potential markets, customers can purchase the composition. The same pair of goods sold, company or government can limit its sales to certain customers. For example, the government may prohibit the sale of the 21 juveniles under the age of motorcycle sales. Thus, adults over the age of 21 on the formation of qualified and effective market – become sold on a market commodity interest, income and can get the goods qualified customer groups.
Once a company has determined the effective market, it can choose to pursue the entire active market or concentrate on certain market segments. Targeted market. Also known as the service market, the company decided that part of the market to be effective in the pursuit of a qualified person. For example, a company might decide to focus marketing and distribution forces to the south. As a result, the South has become its services market.
The company and competitors always sold a certain number of products in the target market, market penetration refers to those who buy the company’s products are customer groups.

Marketing is not equal to marketing

Marketing social needs management
Marketing as a result of the exchange of goods to meet the needs and desires of the people
Life, is a kind of demand management, this nature itself makes it not a simple
The single act, is a complex, full of problems and contradictions of social activities.
Excellent marketing managers can realize these contradictions and conflicts.
Also can grasp the characteristics of the contradiction quickly find a solution to the problem.
Then, the social embodiment of the marketing of the market?
One is from the customer needs of society.
Kotler asked the manager to describe what they think of them at a number of seminars.
Today’s consumers. Their list is as follows:
(1) customers are becoming more and more elusive, and increasingly sensitive to prices.
(2) there is no time for them to ask for more convenience.
(3) they have seen more and more of the same grade products in the country’s suppliers.
(4) they are less sensitive to the brand of the manufacturer, and more and more acceptable.
Brand and no brand
(5) they have a high degree of service expectations
(6) they have no loyalty to the supplier.
Customer demand socialization is often the promotion of marketing must be adapted to it.
In order to achieve the goal of marketing, which is often required by marketing to the social side
Transition. The social marketing is not managed.
The two is from marketing their own ship miss contradictions.
Kotler also cited 6 marketing of their own social contradictions:
(1) there is no difference between the products of their products and their competitors.
(2) they are empty of services and resources that are not low.
(3) in the sale, their pricing and competitors are not far away.
(4) advertising costs more expensive, but the effect is getting worse
(5) they spend too much money on promotion.
(6) the cost of the sales staff is gradually increasing
The problem is that the company is trying to improve the market performance is facing a strong
Challenge. This is the reflection of the social contradiction of the marketing itself, and these spears
The solution to the shield of the marketing management and its improvement.

Demand and customer

Some marketing managers think that marketing management is to find enough buyers for the current products of the enterprise, this view is relatively narrow. Enterprises have a certain ideal demand for their products, but at any time there may be no demand, full demand, irregular demand or excess demand, so the marketing management department must find a solution to these different needs of the situation. Marketing management department is not only responsible for finding and increasing demand, but also responsible for change to reduce demand. Therefore, marketing managers must first grasp the facts. He should identify the real and potential needs of the market, so that we can avoid the surplus or the loss of opportunity.
For example, the Power Corporation sometimes difficult to meet the demand for electricity peak. ; in the case of such demand, marketing is to temporarily or permanently reduce demand, which is known as the slow adaptation marketing. The purpose is not to destroy the needs of the marketing, but only to reduce or transfer demand. The marketing manager should respond to the needs and circumstances of the customer.
So, marketing managers want to help companies achieve their goals in the way to find ways to affect the level of demand, demand and demand structure.
Management needs will be related to customer relationship. Business needs are from two groups of customers, new customers and repeat customers. The traditional marketing theory and practice emphasized to attract new customers and create sales performance. However, today the focus of marketing, but in the transfer. Except the design strategy to attract new customers and create and new customer transactions outside, the marketing manager will go all out to keep existing customers and build lasting customer relationships.
Why do we have to keep the existing customers? American marketing management guru Kotler Philip think:
In the past, in the face of the continuous expansion of the economy and the rapid growth of the market, enterprises can use the “funnel” method of marketing. The growth of the market means that a large number of new customers, the company can not stop to use new customers to fill the funnel, and do not have to worry about the end of the funnel from the bottom hole to get old customers. And now, enterprises are faced with some new marketing reality, such as changing demographics, nimble, and many of the industry, slow economic growth, competitive opponents more sophisticated production, all these factors are microphone with fewer and fewer new customers around the. Many
Enterprises in the flat or recession in the market to start a war. Therefore, the cost is rising to attract new customers. There is evidence that, to attract a new customer costs Qi is to make a view five times all satisfied the cost to customers. Therefore, keep an old customer is equivalent to five Qi attracted new customers, and business is the same for. Kotler this statement undoubtedly hold and deal with the customer management scissors shut Judy in fact, a customer to lose much more than losing a sale, because losing the second customer is equal to lost the customer in the shopping period may be some of the volume of shopping.
For example, Bell Co, taco customer shopping is worth more than $12000. General motors and Ford Motor Company’s customer shopping value will exceed $340000. Therefore, trying to keep customers, will produce good economic benefits. The enterprise may lose money on a certain transaction, but it will still get great benefits from the long-term customer relationship.
Therefore, in the process, marketing management to grasp the good demand and customer management, timely adjustment of supply and demand is the key to marketing management, lost the old customer is marketing manager in the management of the taboo.