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Exchange and trading

Exchange, trading
When people decide to meet their needs and desires through the exchange, the market marketing.
Exchange is the act of obtaining a desired object from others by providing something in return. Exchange is one of the many ways in which people can get the required. For example, hungry people can find food by hunting, fishing or gathering fruit, or by using money, other things or services.
As a way to meet the needs, the exchange has its own advantages. There is no need for people to rob another person or depend on a donation, and it is not necessary to master the skills needed to produce each of the necessities. People can concentrate on the production of their good at production, and then use them to exchange the products they need.
Exchange is the core concept of marketing, and it is the measurement unit of marketing. The so-called trade is the exchange of value between buyers and sellers. A transaction can be described as: a party to the X to the other and received Y as a return.
For example, you pay $350 to Sears, get a TV set. This is a typical currency exchange.
But not all the deals involve money. In barter transactions, you can use your old fridge for second-hand TV neighbor.
In the broadest sense, the marketing staff should be in the form of a transaction, that is, the customer’s response to a particular product. This response aside from simple “buy” or “swap” goods and services, marketing managers should also encourage customers to product quality and service concept of reaction.

Value and satisfaction

If a marketing manager’s product or service can bring value to the buyers and satisfy them, the marketing manager’s products and services are successful.
Customers decide which model of the company’s products are based on whether they can give them the best value.
Customers decide whether to use a product or not, to weigh and compare the cost of the product and the other with the use of the money, energy and spirit that they have to use. Moreover, they will also compare the value of this product with other similar products, so as to choose to achieve the maximum value of the product.
Customers are not always accurate and objective to judge the value of the product. They acted according to their own understanding. For example, FedEx is really faster, more reliable if it is true, so whether it is a good service to pay a higher price? USA Postal Administration said its express service with FedEx courier service and the price also be roughly the same, much lower. However, according to market share to judge, the vast majority of consumers do not think so. FedEx Corp in the United States in the United States express delivery market to control more than 459 of the market share, while the United States postal service only 896. Therefore, the customer to a product’s value understanding and the degree of satisfaction decides their products to choose, the final decision of the marketing of a product.
Customer for a certain product value and satisfaction with the concept, is the marketing manager to know, to meet the needs of the customer’s value and achieve customer satisfaction is the goal of customer satisfaction in marketing management.

Main factors in marketing management

Modern marketing is a kind of management marketing, so what is the management of the factors?
Philip, a professor of international marketing at Northwestern University, the father of modern marketing, the world recognized as the father of modern marketing, is divided into the following several aspects of modern marketing, Kotler Kellogg:
Needs, desires and needs
(1) required
The most basic factor that constitutes the foundation of marketing is the need, desire and need. Requires a lot of human survival and development, including material for food, clothing, housing and security needs, intimate and loyal and loving righteousness to social needs, and the knowledge and self expression of the individual need. These marketers need is not created, but a fundamental part of human instinct.
(2) desire
Desire is the form of the human need to be created by the culture and the personality. A hungry Americans desire may will be a hamburger, some French fries and a cup of Coca Cola and a Bali people want a gourmet meal may will want a mango, pigs and pods. The satisfaction of desire is the need to achieve in kind.
(3) demand
There is almost no end to the desire of people, but the real is limited. Therefore, people want to use the limited money to choose some value and satisfaction degree of the largest products. When buying backing, desire becomes a requirement.
Consumers will be a collection of various products, and they only choose the price of a certain but can provide the best interests of the collection of products. For example, Honda – siwik car means a car, low price and good economy. But Mercedes is a symbol of comfort, luxury and status. In the case of people’s desire and resources, they pursue the greatest degree to meet the interests of the product.
People rely on their products to meet their desires and needs. Marketing managers can provide a variety of products, including goods and services through marketing management. Consumers make choices based on their understanding of the value of a variety of products and services.
Outstanding marketing managers have to know well understand the spare no effort the customer needs, desires and needs. They carry out market research on consumer preferences, analysis on customer information, warranty and service data. They also observe the use of the enterprise products and competitors products customers, and train the sales staff to pay attention to the customer is not satisfied.

Marketing manager is the effective management of the various elements of marketing

The origin of marketing is different, some people say that from Japan in seventeenth Century, some people say that it is the United States that originated in the middle of nineteenth Century. But in the early stage of development, all the ideas are still in a state of chaos. In the early 1960s, Mccarthy Jerome, a professor at the Michigan State University, proposed the concept of marketing mix. The basic idea of marketing was to be implemented. To understand the marketing, if America management scientist Kerr Hamer believes should start from the understanding of demand management.

“Demand management” is the interpretation of marketing.

The so-called “demand management”, which must be in the pursuit of the company’s goals, the pursuit of the degree, timing and composition of the elements of influence.

Marketing including all the sales activities and management, business activities. It’s all around you and me. You from the shopping center near an array of shelves from fill the TV screens, advertising in newspapers and magazines, in the home, school, work, entertainment in — whether you are proud of what, you almost at the marketing of the turnkey. But the market is far from the eyes of consumers are free to see the inner spring. Behind all of this, it is a huge net of people and a lot of activities to get your attention. You are actually in this demand and management by business, this is the true meaning of marketing.

In fact, the 398 generation of marketing to achieve this level has a process of development, the latest marketing can be said to be almost out of 7 management, it is from the door to the development of demand management experience three stages:

Home direct marketing is the initial form of.

At this stage, most companies are created by a number of people who rely on the wisdom of a living. They have a chance to observe in, take their own products to sell their products on every door.

Boston wow wine company founder Jim Kirk launch of Samuel Adams beer license, has now become the best beer industry sales. But at the beginning of 1984, he was carrying a bottle of Adams Samuel beer, a bar to the door to persuade the bar owner to try to drink the beer. He urged them to put the beer in the menu. For nearly 10 years, he still can not afford the advertising. He just sold his beer through direct sales of fruit and grass. Today, his company’s profit has reached 210000000 yuan, becoming the leader in the industry.

This is the most original marketing, it can be said that the basic needs of the management and demand management.

Practice marketing

Wei practices of marketing is than to direct a more advanced marketing, it is unilaterally through various marketing means to show customers how to introduce their products, to encourage customers to buy.

As small companies continue to succeed, they inevitably have to turn to more routine marketing. The Boston Beer Company has spent about $15000000 on television advertising in the selected market. The company employs 175 sales people, the establishment of the marketing department. Although Boston Beer Company and its rival, Ann Hughes, compared to the Bush Corp, not very advanced enterprise, but it began to use a lot of media television advertising, mailing letters, telephone marketing and other professional marketing.

This marketing approach is a one-way, is the product of the marketing side, while ignoring the needs of the end user customers.

Coordinated marketing

Many large companies are in the practice of marketing, they focus on the advertising, advertising, publishing product information, but ignored the market research. The marketing of the co commissioning is to focus on the need and the two aspects, trying to adjust the relationship between manufacturers and distributors and end customers. Their brand managers and production managers often come out of the office, and their customers, in the specific marketing strategy to increase the value of the life of their customers to increase the value of the new method, to achieve the unity of needs.

Today ‘s marketing has developed to the stage of coordinated marketing, which requires the comprehensive management of all kinds of cause and effect. Therefore, it must not be from an old “persuasion and marketing” point of view to consider their own marketing strategy, but should meet the needs of customers from a new perspective.

In the past, a lot of people have understood marketing as mere marketing and advertising. However, marketing and advertising is only the iceberg marketing exposed pinnacles. Although very important, but they are just two of the many functions of marketing functions. And usually not the most important two functions. Modern marketing must be able to understand the needs of consumers, develop a high value products, and can effectively carry out pricing, distribution and promotion, so as to effectively sell products. Therefore, marketing and advertising is a more comprehensive “marketing mix” component, and marketing, the effective combination of various factors is a group of common functions to effectively affect the marketing objectives.

Therefore, modern marketing is defined as: individuals and groups through the creation of products and value, well with others to exchange to obtain a social and management process.

Marketing is a process of demand management, and marketing managers must be in pursuit of the company’s goals, the various elements of the marketing of the implementation of effective management.

Marketing is demand management

   In this increasingly information and digital era, the world is constantly changing, in market segments, new products continue to emerge, new demand Chung a, at the same time continued economic prosperity and development, marketing increasingly bear the task of communication products and demand; this means marketing industry booming necessity. In the early 1960s, the US marketing and merchandising industry as more than 6800 people, marketing managers to reach 800 million. In the future needs of our marketing managers will be more and more, they create more and more jobs will play an important role in the national economy, marketing manager in the marketing sectors of the industry plays an important role, although this is any one marketing manager are proud of the things, but it also means that marketing managers from an outstanding salesman marketing and management talent to the role change.
In large department stores and small retail stores with effect of thousands of sales, which is the status of the marketing industry. Marketing can be said to permeate all walks of life, each corner of the market where people are active in the marketing of vigorous figure. Around the size of the grocery store sellers who, in the country’s life insurance and property insurance, insurance salesman, clerk publicity around the power of newspapers and advertising agencies, some, such as marketing, automotive, marketing all types of stock, hardware products, cosmetics, beverages, heavy machinery, tools, etc., and this is a huge marketing channels and will never end team. Now both are in where, when not perish is, marketing can be said to have penetrated into every aspect of our lives, spreading to every corner of the market segments. Marketing activities have been everywhere. The need and demand of the bridge set up, the production and consumption of communication up.