Marketing is not equal to marketing

Marketing social needs management
Marketing as a result of the exchange of goods to meet the needs and desires of the people
Life, is a kind of demand management, this nature itself makes it not a simple
The single act, is a complex, full of problems and contradictions of social activities.
Excellent marketing managers can realize these contradictions and conflicts.
Also can grasp the characteristics of the contradiction quickly find a solution to the problem.
Then, the social embodiment of the marketing of the market?
One is from the customer needs of society.
Kotler asked the manager to describe what they think of them at a number of seminars.
Today’s consumers. Their list is as follows:
(1) customers are becoming more and more elusive, and increasingly sensitive to prices.
(2) there is no time for them to ask for more convenience.
(3) they have seen more and more of the same grade products in the country’s suppliers.
(4) they are less sensitive to the brand of the manufacturer, and more and more acceptable.
Brand and no brand
(5) they have a high degree of service expectations
(6) they have no loyalty to the supplier.
Customer demand socialization is often the promotion of marketing must be adapted to it.
In order to achieve the goal of marketing, which is often required by marketing to the social side
Transition. The social marketing is not managed.
The two is from marketing their own ship miss contradictions.
Kotler also cited 6 marketing of their own social contradictions:
(1) there is no difference between the products of their products and their competitors.
(2) they are empty of services and resources that are not low.
(3) in the sale, their pricing and competitors are not far away.
(4) advertising costs more expensive, but the effect is getting worse
(5) they spend too much money on promotion.
(6) the cost of the sales staff is gradually increasing
The problem is that the company is trying to improve the market performance is facing a strong
Challenge. This is the reflection of the social contradiction of the marketing itself, and these spears
The solution to the shield of the marketing management and its improvement.

Social marketing concept

The societal marketing concept is considered in the marketing activities social and ethical issues of marketing ideas.
Environmental degradation, resource shortages, explosive population growth, world famine and
In an age of poverty, social services neglected marketing concept is not a suitable
When business objectives? A knowledge, services and meet the needs of individual consumers
Did a very good business. Must be able to meet our customers and
The long-term interests of the community? Social marketing concept holds that the enterprise’s task is to determine the
Customers ‘ needs, desires and interests and help to protect or improve the social welfare
Ways, can be more effective and more profitable than competitors to provide customers with the expectation of producing
Product satisfaction.
Therefore, marketing managers must balance the needs and evaluation of corporate profits, consumer
The relationship between foot and the public interest.
Have a social fresh marketing ideas with examples to the contrary, Hamburger fast-food industry
For food and delicious, however it doesn’t have nutrients, hamburgers with high fat content, restaurants for sale
Fried foods and meat pies contain too much starch and fat, and that, in
Is not used when convenient packaging for sale, which results in an excess of packaging waste. Meet
Consumer demand, the restaurants may harm the health of consumers, and pollution
Dyeing environment.
Instead, some companies such as McDonald’s, KFC and the practice of social business
Pin the concept of environmental protection and health, beyond it at full speed, and achieved remarkable sales
Amount of sales and profits.
And social services to consumers, can enable a company to become the most respected
Enterprises, but also to become a profitable enterprise. Social marketing is the marketing warfare
. One of the most important concepts, as the body responsible for marketing managers for decision-making and management is not available
Do not attach importance to that.
In General, at the time of marketing management, Marketing Manager, must be taken into account to
On the factors, the efficiency, effectiveness and harmonizing social responsibility, really
To handle the demand.

Marketing concept

Selling concept is a kind of requirement management idea for many enterprises.
If you let consumers and businesses to choose, they will not be enough to buy a group of products. Therefore, the organization must take the initiative to promote and actively promote. This is the marketing idea.
The idea that consumers usually show a kind of inertia or to counter the psychological, it needs a good word to persuade them to buy more. Marketing managers can use a range of effective marketing and promotional tools to stimulate them to buy a large number of.
1) to promote the non commodity, which is not so eager to buy, that is, the buyer generally does not want to go to buy goods, such as insurance, encyclopedia and cemetery. For these products, we must be good at using a variety of marketing skills to find customers, and with a strong marketing method to persuade them to accept their products.
2) to sell surplus products when the supply exceeds demand, marketing managers should use the concept of marketing strategy focused on the recent target, the sale of its products.
In a modern industrial economy, production capacity has been raised to such a level that most of the market is the buyer’s market (the buyer’s dominant position), the seller has to fight for customers. Potential customers by a large number of TV ads, newspaper ads, direct mail advertising, marketing phone siege. At every turn, someone trying to sell something jdsg. The result is the same to the public a strong marketing and advertising marketing mix for a second.
So. To establish a high risk for the strength to promote the concept of attachment on rations.
(4) marketing ideas
The key to achieving the goals of the organization is to determine the needs and desires of the customer, and to transmit the customer’s expectations more effectively and more efficiently than the competitors. Therefore, the concept of marketing should be defined as a clear market, customer needs as the center, coordination of all marketing activities, and through the establishment of customer value based on customer value and long-term customer relationship to achieve profit. Under the guidance of the concept of marketing, the production of consumer products, and meet the needs of consumers to obtain profit.
Many successful companies use marketing ideas. For example, the United States of the Bean company is based on the establishment of marketing ideas. L. L. Bean’s market philosophy is: “the customer well is not dependent on us, but we rely on customers. Customers are not the obstacle to our work, but the goal of our work. We don’t have the chance to serve him well, but he’s given us the opportunity to serve him.”
To transform a marketing oriented enterprise into a marketing oriented enterprise requires a number of years of hard work. Therefore, the marketing manager’s goal should be to satisfy the customer’s satisfaction to the organization of the enterprise.

Marketing management should be efficient, effective and social responsibility

Marketing activities should be efficient, effective and social responsibility, marketing management should be considered in the idea of a certain kind of ideological guidance. Harvard Business School Guidance MBA career development project experts, ward Lu Yu a butler Association members James Woderup professor that guide the enterprise’s marketing activities demand management should follow five concepts to cope with demand.
(1) production concept
Generally speaking, consumers tend to like the products that can be bought at low prices. Therefore, the management of production oriented organization should focus on improving the efficiency of production and sales.
This idea is one of the most ancient ideas to guide marketing managers. This concept of production in the two situations is an effective guiding ideology. The first case is that the demand exceeds supply. At this point, marketing managers should focus on increasing the yield. The second case is that the cost of the product is too high. At this time we must reduce costs by improving productivity.
(2) product concept
Consumers most like high quality, multi function and has some innovative features of the product.
Therefore, enterprises should be committed to the production of quality products, and continue to improve the product, make it more perfect.
This kind of product oriented concept, buyers admire well made products, to the quality and function of product authentication. As a result, producers have a deep fascination with their own products, so that they are not aware that they are not catering to the needs of the market. The marketing manager in “better mousetrap” wrong fantasy as long as the design of a better mousetrap, people will step you shop in front of the road.
James Woderup believes that this concept is one-sided, there are two major defects:
1) product concept often does not make or rarely let customers in the design of the product.
Business leaders believe that they know how to design and improve the product. They don’t even examine the competitor’s products.
For example, GM’s marketing manager had said that before we did not invent the car, the public would know what kind of car they needed ” GM’s approach is the company’s designers and engineers will create a style of the design and durable car, and then by the production department, the financial sector to develop the price. Finally, ask the marketing department to sell them. The result is the final result of the sale of General Motors is very difficult! – it’s worth it.
The value of a car company that is now in the study of customer needs, marketing personnel to intervene and participate in the design of the car before.
2) product concept “marketing myopia”,
For example, the railway management department used to think that the user needs to train and not transport, and thus to ignore the growing competition from aircraft, buses, trucks and cars. Many universities also think that high school graduates are in need of a liberal arts education, which has ignored the growing challenge from the vocational school.

Demand and customer

Some marketing managers think that marketing management is to find enough buyers for the current products of the enterprise, this view is relatively narrow. Enterprises have a certain ideal demand for their products, but at any time there may be no demand, full demand, irregular demand or excess demand, so the marketing management department must find a solution to these different needs of the situation. Marketing management department is not only responsible for finding and increasing demand, but also responsible for change to reduce demand. Therefore, marketing managers must first grasp the facts. He should identify the real and potential needs of the market, so that we can avoid the surplus or the loss of opportunity.
For example, the Power Corporation sometimes difficult to meet the demand for electricity peak. ; in the case of such demand, marketing is to temporarily or permanently reduce demand, which is known as the slow adaptation marketing. The purpose is not to destroy the needs of the marketing, but only to reduce or transfer demand. The marketing manager should respond to the needs and circumstances of the customer.
So, marketing managers want to help companies achieve their goals in the way to find ways to affect the level of demand, demand and demand structure.
Management needs will be related to customer relationship. Business needs are from two groups of customers, new customers and repeat customers. The traditional marketing theory and practice emphasized to attract new customers and create sales performance. However, today the focus of marketing, but in the transfer. Except the design strategy to attract new customers and create and new customer transactions outside, the marketing manager will go all out to keep existing customers and build lasting customer relationships.
Why do we have to keep the existing customers? American marketing management guru Kotler Philip think:
In the past, in the face of the continuous expansion of the economy and the rapid growth of the market, enterprises can use the “funnel” method of marketing. The growth of the market means that a large number of new customers, the company can not stop to use new customers to fill the funnel, and do not have to worry about the end of the funnel from the bottom hole to get old customers. And now, enterprises are faced with some new marketing reality, such as changing demographics, nimble, and many of the industry, slow economic growth, competitive opponents more sophisticated production, all these factors are microphone with fewer and fewer new customers around the. Many
Enterprises in the flat or recession in the market to start a war. Therefore, the cost is rising to attract new customers. There is evidence that, to attract a new customer costs Qi is to make a view five times all satisfied the cost to customers. Therefore, keep an old customer is equivalent to five Qi attracted new customers, and business is the same for. Kotler this statement undoubtedly hold and deal with the customer management scissors shut Judy in fact, a customer to lose much more than losing a sale, because losing the second customer is equal to lost the customer in the shopping period may be some of the volume of shopping.
For example, Bell Co, taco customer shopping is worth more than $12000. General motors and Ford Motor Company’s customer shopping value will exceed $340000. Therefore, trying to keep customers, will produce good economic benefits. The enterprise may lose money on a certain transaction, but it will still get great benefits from the long-term customer relationship.
Therefore, in the process, marketing management to grasp the good demand and customer management, timely adjustment of supply and demand is the key to marketing management, lost the old customer is marketing manager in the management of the taboo.

How to carry on demand management

Many successful companies have adopted the concept of demand and customer marketing. Disney, Procter & Gamble and Wal Mart chain stores have faithfully adopted this concept.
Bean is a very successful clothing and outdoor sports equipment catalogue mail order retailer, which is based on the establishment of marketing concepts. In 1912 the first internal circulation of papers, company founder.L.L. bean published the following statement: “I think until our goods is rotten and the customer is Liu satisfaction, then buy fee count grams. We would like to thank our customers who are not satisfied with the products they have come back. A view in. “In every aspect, Bean has the effect of making customers feel absolutely satisfied.””. In order to encourage employees to combat marketing concept, bean company decades Zhu has been in the office everywhere paste slogans, top write: “what is the customer? The customer is always our guest of honor, whether in personal selling or in the mail order sales, is the guest of honor. Customer is the band of his desire to us, so our work is to satisfy these desires, so that he and we all benefit. ”
In contrast to this, many companies claim to implement marketing ideas. But there is no micro to the needs of the customer and the united. Their marketing vice president, marketing manager only marketing plan and marketing research and so on the form of marketing. However, only these forms do not mean that they are the market as the center of the enterprise. The question is whether they are based on the changing customer needs and competitors’ strategies. Was originally very famous of some enterprises, such as general motors and IBM, Sears, Zo your chi, all lost considerable market share, because their marketing managers are not in response to the changing market to adjust its marketing strategy.

Marketing managers can through three kinds of marketing channels

Marketing channel
Generally speaking, marketing managers can achieve marketing goals through three kinds of marketing channels.
One is through information dissemination channels. This channel can transmit information and obtain information from the buyer. The channels include: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, letters, telephone, tender, notices, leaflets, CDs, tapes and the internet. In addition, there are people who face the situation of Qin, clothing, retail stores, and many other media and other media also convey the exchange of information. In order to compensate for the lack of advertising and other one-way channels, marketing managers can also continue to increase the use of two-way communication channels (e-mail, free phone).
Two is the distribution channel. Marketing manager through distribution channels to purchasers and users, electrical and physical delivery of products or services. Specific distribution channels for the distribution channels and services of physical commodities. Such as warehouses, transportation tools, all kinds of trade channels (distributors, wholesalers and retailers).
Three is direct sales channels. Marketing managers can be through direct sales channels and potential users to deal with. Direct sales channels not only include distributors and retailers, but also facilitate the transaction of banks and insurance companies.
The best combination of three channels of information dissemination, distribution, direct selling, is faced with a design question. This design includes many factors such as need, desire, demand, value, satisfaction, exchange, transaction, relationship and so on. This consideration and application is the management of marketing.

Relationship is a part of marketing ideas

The relationship between
Relationship is a part of marketing ideas. Marketing managers and marketing staff to establish long-term relationships with key members (customers, suppliers, distributors), the purpose is to maintain the long-term performance of the marketing and business contact. Marketers through continuous commitment and give each other high quality products, excellent service and fair prices to achieve marketing. The use of relationship marketing can make the parties to establish economic, technological and social ties. Relationship marketing can reduce the cost and time of the transaction; in the best condition, the transaction can be changed from time to time to practice.
The final result of the relationship marketing is to establish the company’s unique assets, that is, a marketing network. Marketing network by the company and all its stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, retailers, advertising agents, scientists and others) to establish mutually beneficial business relationship. In this way, the competition is not only in the company, but in the entire network of the same. A company to build a better relationship will win. With the key stakeholders to establish a good relationship network, profits will be rolling in.

Exchange and trading

Exchange, trading
When people decide to meet their needs and desires through the exchange, the market marketing.
Exchange is the act of obtaining a desired object from others by providing something in return. Exchange is one of the many ways in which people can get the required. For example, hungry people can find food by hunting, fishing or gathering fruit, or by using money, other things or services.
As a way to meet the needs, the exchange has its own advantages. There is no need for people to rob another person or depend on a donation, and it is not necessary to master the skills needed to produce each of the necessities. People can concentrate on the production of their good at production, and then use them to exchange the products they need.
Exchange is the core concept of marketing, and it is the measurement unit of marketing. The so-called trade is the exchange of value between buyers and sellers. A transaction can be described as: a party to the X to the other and received Y as a return.
For example, you pay $350 to Sears, get a TV set. This is a typical currency exchange.
But not all the deals involve money. In barter transactions, you can use your old fridge for second-hand TV neighbor.
In the broadest sense, the marketing staff should be in the form of a transaction, that is, the customer’s response to a particular product. This response aside from simple “buy” or “swap” goods and services, marketing managers should also encourage customers to product quality and service concept of reaction.

Value and satisfaction

If a marketing manager’s product or service can bring value to the buyers and satisfy them, the marketing manager’s products and services are successful.
Customers decide which model of the company’s products are based on whether they can give them the best value.
Customers decide whether to use a product or not, to weigh and compare the cost of the product and the other with the use of the money, energy and spirit that they have to use. Moreover, they will also compare the value of this product with other similar products, so as to choose to achieve the maximum value of the product.
Customers are not always accurate and objective to judge the value of the product. They acted according to their own understanding. For example, FedEx is really faster, more reliable if it is true, so whether it is a good service to pay a higher price? USA Postal Administration said its express service with FedEx courier service and the price also be roughly the same, much lower. However, according to market share to judge, the vast majority of consumers do not think so. FedEx Corp in the United States in the United States express delivery market to control more than 459 of the market share, while the United States postal service only 896. Therefore, the customer to a product’s value understanding and the degree of satisfaction decides their products to choose, the final decision of the marketing of a product.
Customer for a certain product value and satisfaction with the concept, is the marketing manager to know, to meet the needs of the customer’s value and achieve customer satisfaction is the goal of customer satisfaction in marketing management.